Self Love: The Physical Stuff (Journalwithme#43)

No not that kind of self love. This 'journal with me' question involves talking about your favourite physical features: what do you love about yourself? Then we proceed to the flip side of "what would you change?" Positivity first I always say. I like my hair most days. It's long, it's strong, it's a mixture …

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A Year Long Battle with Post Partum Depression

It's hard to admit that you have fault of any kind, and even more so if you're ashamed of that particular fault. The year after I had my daughter was one of the most difficult years of my life. I struggled with an array of emotions and hormonal changes after giving birth, and I suffered …

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Baby Products My Daughter Loved!

Corporate marketing says that you need to have a million things before giving birth to your child. They throw you into a world of choosing between types of bottles that scream "Dentist recommended!" or pajamas that advertise that they're made with 100% organic materials. As a new parent, it can become overwhelming very quickly. I …

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