Creating an Ancestor Profile

Genealogy is a tough hobby. You finally think you've nailed down a certain branch of your family and poof a mystery child appears. Where in the world did the mystery child come from? It's so frustrating. Sometimes secrets the dead keep are better left buried. For those secrets that are bursting to come out (see …

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A Gigantic Fear of Mine (Journalwithme#6)

There are plenty of terrifying things in this world to be rationally afraid of. I'm talking about murderers, stalkers, animal attacks, drowning - you get the gist of it. This week's question talks about irrational fears. I'm talking about the ones where someone may roll their eyes at you when you tell them what your …

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Illnesses and Causes of Death Genealogy Guide

Illness and death are the final and conclusive part of life. Death was recorded in a variety of methods, and using old terms that are now outdated. I put together a comprehensive guide to some of the most common causes of death listed on old death certificates and schedules of death. This post is in …

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