Easter Basket Art

Oh Easter. The symbolic holiday that celebrates the moment when Jesus rises from the grave and ascends into heaven. He has Risen! For the majority of people who celebrate Easter, the focus is on the more commercialized Easter bunny and what he brings. Other symbols of Easter include signs of new life like baby animals, …

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Community Theme

How do the different parts of a community work together to provide for our needs? Learning about the different professions throughout a community is beneficial for young children so they can understand how we work together to create a livable society. Different Parts of a Community Dramatic PlayPlace a car mat on the ground with …

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Colour Sorting Activity

This super simple activity only requires two things: connecting blocks and colored plastic cups. I used connecting counting cubes from Walmart that I purchased for five dollars. The cups I used were from IKEA, and they were $1.99/6 cups. My daughter is big into collecting and sorting right now. I was struggling to find a …

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