Let’s Talk About COVID-19

My daughter is three years old. She understands her daily routine, thrives on it and also relies on it. We were out multiple times a week and rarely spent an entire day at home. We went for walks with my mother in law or shopping, visited my parents, went to gymnastics, the library, the early …

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Daily Routine of a Home Daycare Mom

Like every other working mom out there, I established a concrete routine to make my home daycare business run smoothly. The children thrive with a structured routine, and it allows them to anticipate what will be happening next. This reduces anxiety and gives them the stability that regulates their behavior. Our days flow nearly the …

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Creating a Worthwhile Autumn Staycation

Life has become increasingly difficult with the addition of a newborn. Our schedules have shifted to accommodate his long list of needs, and we have needed to alter how we entertain my toddler as well. We've been forced to look into local activities to do as a family, and we've been pleasantly surprised at what …

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