Hanging Name Art

We are currently redoing my daughter's bedroom in order to transform it from her nursery, to her "big girl" room. I thought a piece of art identifying her space, hanging from her bedroom door, would be a cool addition to her room. I felt like it would personalize it a bit more, and it would …

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VSD: Living with a Ventricular Septum Defect

My defect was a surprise. My mother had a seemingly normal pregnancy, without any complications or difficulties. When it came time for her to push, my heart rate and pressure bottomed out. Then they lost my heart rate. Everyone started panicking and the room quickly filled with people. My mom said they "turned me, back …

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Prized Childhood Possessions (Journalwithme#34)

My family was not one who favored material possessions. I had toys, just like any other child, but the majority of my toys came second hand from garage sales or were gifted to me on special occasions like Christmas or my birthday. I was forced to create the toys that I did not have, and …

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