Baby Products My Daughter Loved!

Corporate marketing says that you need to have a million things before giving birth to your child. They throw you into a world of choosing between types of bottles that scream "Dentist recommended!" or pajamas that advertise that they're made with 100% organic materials. As a new parent, it can become overwhelming very quickly. I …

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My Travel Bucket List (Journalwithme#5)

I wish I was pals with Aladdin in real life. My ultimate goal is to visit every continent before I die. As amazing as that would be, unless I won the lottery or invented something that made millions, it's pretty unattainable. Slowly, ever so slowly, I have started traveling and reaching new places. There are …

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8 Ways to Entertain your Children For Free This Summer!

School's out for the summer! If your children aren't enrolled in daycare or summer camp, it may be hard to find activities to entertain your children that won't break the bank. There are tons of fun play places and locations that will entertain your children for hours (but cost money!). Below is a list of …

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