My Experience with Halotherapy

The winter time is the worst time of the year for colds and flus. Since Christmas, we've been battling a series of annoying coughs, sniffles, fevers and worse. We went through a raging battle with norovirus thanks to a totally out of character spur of the moment trip to a McDonald's play place (never again), …

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Stocking Stuffers for Kids Under 3

I currently have two children under age three. I have an almost three year old (crazy to me!) and a five month old. Finding stocking stuffers, especially for the little guy, can be exceedingly difficult. He isn't going to know about Christmas nor will he care, so the stockings and the presents are more for …

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Top Ten Baby Products (and why I love them!)

An old friend of mine recently found out she's having her first baby. She told me she's been asking her friends who are moms to recommend baby products to her which inspired me to create this post. I have created a list of registry must haves (found here) but this post will focus on specific …

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