Fun Fall Programming

The autumn season offers multiple opportunities for nature exploration, and naturally raises a lot of questions: Why do the leaves change? Why does the temperature grow colder? Why do we need coats during the daytime? Why are the leaves falling off of the trees? Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving, Halloween and Remembrance Day? All of …

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Toddler Memory: Exploring Recall

My daughter is two and a half come the end of July. She is on track with all of her milestones, and has developed in all areas of her life. Her language has exploded, she is able to recognize colors, shapes and beginning letters, and she is starting to discover that she is capable of …

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10 Picture Book Series for Preschoolers

My daughter is currently a two year old toddler, but she's starting to become interested in the longer picture books that have more of a story. She is beginning to discuss the values the story is trying to express, points out various things throughout the pages of colorful pictures and responds to prompts or questions …

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