Easter Basket Art

Oh Easter. The symbolic holiday that celebrates the moment when Jesus rises from the grave and ascends into heaven. He has Risen! For the majority of people who celebrate Easter, the focus is on the more commercialized Easter bunny and what he brings. Other symbols of Easter include signs of new life like baby animals, …

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Fun Fall Programming

The autumn season offers multiple opportunities for nature exploration, and naturally raises a lot of questions: Why do the leaves change? Why does the temperature grow colder? Why do we need coats during the daytime? Why are the leaves falling off of the trees? Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving, Halloween and Remembrance Day? All of …

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Using Different Materials with Finger Paint

The end result of the art process isn't always the most important thing. Allowing children to discover various mediums through exploration allows them to build their schemas about art and about the different properties surrounding the concept of creating art. After trying different brands of paint and rating them for their vibrancy, washabilty and friendliness …

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