I’m a pre-thirties wife and mother who is trying to navigate through life. This outlet allows me to share my strengths and weaknesses, my struggles and successes, my joys, hobbies and routines. I love to share what I know, and hope I can inspire others.

My family is my number one priority. I’ve been married to my husband since 2015, and together we have a two year old daughter and a son due in July 2019.

I’m an ECE (Early Childhood Educator) and I love my job. I work with young children aged 0-6, and do my best to help them grow and develop. I love to create stimulating environments, plan developmentally appropriate activities and provide them with opportunities to excel. Currently I run a home center, and through trail and error and massive amounts of research, it has become a great success!

Food is another great joy in my life. I enjoy discovering new recipes to feed my family and love experimenting with food. Food gives us the ability to experience different cultures and it also brings people together.

Reading was a huge part of my life prior to delivering my daughter. I read every single day, and flew through 150+ books a year. My reading has decreased since having my daughter but I try to get in a few books a month!

Other hobbies include photography, journaling, writing and ancestry.

Thank you for joining my journey as a young mother. Enjoy!