Easter Basket Art

Oh Easter. The symbolic holiday that celebrates the moment when Jesus rises from the grave and ascends into heaven. He has Risen! For the majority of people who celebrate Easter, the focus is on the more commercialized Easter bunny and what he brings. Other symbols of Easter include signs of new life like baby animals, eggs and flowers. Pretty pastel colours make their debut once again and the buds on the trees begin to form.

This Easter basket art is a fun, simple activity for children of all ages. Make sure to use non toxic and washable paint for your youngest participants. They won’t touch a vegetable, but brightly colored paints are delicious! You will just need a few simple things to create this cute work of art: construction paper, scissors, white glue or glue sticks, and non toxic paint.

Start by cutting the construction paper into a basket shape.

Then cut egg shapes out of a lighter coloured paper and paint each one a different colour or pattern. Let them dry and then glue them onto the basket.

The end result is pretty cute! What other Easter craft ideas do you have? Let me know below. Happy Easter!


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