You know what’s fun? Doing the same seven puzzles over and over every single day with my four year old daughter. You know what’s even more fun? Being told which pieces of the puzzles I’m allowed to put together after she sorts through them.

Why does she do this? Because she wants the “good ponies” for herself. My daughter is a huge My Little Pony fan and she has a set of seven puzzles featuring all the characters from the show.

Which characters am I allowed to do? Good question, thanks for asking. Never Pinkie Pie. God forbid I so much as look at a Pinkie Pie puzzle piece. Same with Fluttershy. Typically I get Applejack or Rainbow Dash, sometimes Twilight Sparkle if I’m lucky.

My daughter is very particular about who gets to do what with her puzzles and a lot of people might have a problem with the way she controls. She knows what she wants. She focuses her attention and accomplishes the task in front of her. She is skillful and intelligent. She delegates tasks. She’s going to be a very strong leader when she is older and it’s partially due to her puzzles.


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