Fall Semester and Other Updates

My fall semester of school has officially begun! That means that a gigantic bulk of time is now being spent on reading massive psychology textbooks and writing research intensive papers. I may be just a little insane trying to tackle all of this while taking care of two kids under four… thank God for my support network. It truly takes a village!

I decided to take an overload of courses for the fall semester so that I can graduate (assuming I don’t fail anything!) in the spring. This will let me do grad school in the fall. I’m torn on what to take. I’m trying to decide between social work or clinical psychology. If you have any thoughts on what I should do, leave a comment below!

In other news, I was on a shopping mission yesterday with my mother in law to buy shoes for my husband because Lord only knows that the only way he will set foot in a shoe store is if he’s literally resorted to walking around in bare feet… anyway. My mother in law told me that my father in law had a client yesterday who recognized my married surname and mentioned that she enjoyed reading my blog! Two emotions immediately ran through me: inspiration to write another post, and guilt for neglecting the blog the way I have been. I promise you, my neglect is for good reason. Schooling takes up so much time.

Point of that tangent was to say a quick thank you to all of my readers! It’s more than just typing words on a screen to me and having someone mention that she reads my blog only validated that. Hello friendly reader! Thanks for reading my blog. Message me any time!

What are some things that you’ve been working on in your life? Any new shows you’ve been binge watching? The fall season is coming up which means experimenting with all the comfort foods so stay tuned for more recipes and meal planning ideas! Until next time. Thank you!


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