Hey Guys

It’s been too long! I finished my final exam for the Spring 2020 semester and I’m just wiped. Things have been chaotic to say the least and school has been tough with two kids under 4, COVID craziness and the first time I’ve been back to school in years. It was a bit of an adjustment so I’m hoping everything went well!

Speaking of COVID, my province just announced their back to school plan for the fall and it’s dismal. Honestly they were dealt a difficult hand and no matter which solution they arrived at it would be met with controversy and upset parents. There is no win win in this situation. Safety is the first concern, but mental health is extremely important as well as socialization. You have to think of the long term consequences of isolation.

I don’t envy any parents of school age children this year. I’m hoping that by the time my eldest is ready for school that the craziness dies down and there is more of a plan in place.

I saw something interested today in one of my mom to mom Facebook groups. Someone had mentioned about creating a “Forest School” and it brought out all sorts of inspiration for me. I toyed with the idea of reopening my home daycare for one third of a second before shutting that down but honestly the idea appealed to me. You may or may not see some Forest school related posts over the next few weeks as I brainstorm some ideas to help fellow moms out. We’re all in this together!

2 thoughts on “Hey Guys

    1. Honestly some days I have no idea. Most days I push through after they’ve gone to bed and work in my office for about two hours. I’m also lucky that my parents and in laws live within a 10 minute drive of me so if I need more time I can drop the older one off. I will work when the little guy has his nap. It’s tough but it’s doable!

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