It’s Been Nearly a Month

I suppose it was the right call to end my paid website subscription since it’s been nearly a month since I’ve published a post. What’s the reasoning for publishing this one? To be quite honest, I forgot about my website for a bit. My priorities have shifted since May and there’s a lot more on my plate.

As I sit here holding my very cranky ten month old, I took the time to review what I’ve been doing in the past month. COVID hasn’t changed my family time very much except for social distancing and my daughter losing all her fun activities. My husband was still working and I was going a little stir crazy.

I began schooling again, and now my evenings are filled with psychology notes and books about the small towns nearby for a history class. I enjoy it but I’m darn tired when I finally get around to it. Let’s not even talk about the statistics homework, a confusing subject I haven’t touched since high school nearly 13 years ago.

The days blend one into another, and the nights pass by far too quickly. I feel like time is just flying. Soon my baby will be a year old and that’s just crazy to me. I’m hoping and wishing for more normal soon.

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