Let’s Talk About COVID-19

My daughter is three years old. She understands her daily routine, thrives on it and also relies on it. We were out multiple times a week and rarely spent an entire day at home. We went for walks with my mother in law or shopping, visited my parents, went to gymnastics, the library, the early years center, the grocery store and so much more.

When we first heard about the virus, we began avoiding those special outings because of the craziness the world was beginning to experience. We stopped going to the library or to gymnastics. We instead chose outdoor outings like hiking trails or the playgrounds. Then the government closed the playgrounds and once again we were limited. We’re lucky that we have our own play structure in the backyard but it’s not the same as exploring ones with other kids in a public area.

My three year old went from an abundance of activities with a ton of social interaction, to being at home with her mom and baby brother while her daddy continued to work (essential service worker). It’s been tough on her. She doesn’t understand why we can’t just go to Walmart or visit grandma. She doesn’t understand that the “sickness” as we call it can live on surfaces for days which is why we can’t visit the playground. She’s more than likely not going to remember this thankfully, but it’s definitely been a crazy adjustment for her.

Thankfully we all have our health for now. I, as the designated family shopper, do all the grocery shopping for the week. I try my hardest to purchase enough produce to last us the week but both my kiddos are eating a ton so we find ourselves scrimping the final few days. I can not believe how much more we eat while we’re at home. I feel like our grocery bill has doubled! It seems to be the consensus in the mom groups I’m apart of on Facebook – apparently we’re all struggling with our children eating us out of house and home.

We’re starting to settle into this new normal, and honestly as much as I miss freely perusing the shelves in Winners, I could do without. What I want is to see my family, my friends and to take my kids to their regular activities like the park, gymnastics and the local library programming. My daughter told me yesterday that she wants “the sickness” as we call it to go away. She said she would get a needle if it meant having the sickness go away. That’s dedication.

Stay safe, wash your hands and enjoy your extended time spent with your immediate family. If you’re a front line worker, thank you. If you’re an essential worker like my husband, thank you. Your hard work is keeping the basis of our community going and we can’t thank you enough.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About COVID-19

  1. I have a four year old and a one year old. I’ve been doing pretty good with it, but starting to go a bit stir crazy. I spent a bunch of time yesterday trying to find where to buy flower bulbs because my daughter wants to plant some.. and that’s one thing I’m not too convinced to buy off of Amazon. It’s so frustrating that something so simple, running to the store, is now so complicated.

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