My First Job (Journalwithme#30)

As a teenager, all you want is a lot of freedom, a bit of trust and some of your own money. It’s hard to earn money when you’re a teen though: you need to find a job that doesn’t discriminate you based on age or experience. There were only a few options in the town that I grew up in at the time: grocery stores, fast food restaurants, hardware stores or small mom and pop shop businesses.

I opted to be a cashier and work retail. I started out as a cashier in a small town grocery store at the age of fourteen. I rang through customer’s groceries, took their money and packed their items. It was a pretty simple job and I made enough money to buy a thirteen inch tube tv for my room. It was $100 back in the day (and I realize that I just really dated myself there.

What was your first job? Let me know below!

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