The Performing Arts (Journalwithme#29)

I was never that kid in a million extra curricular activities. I did a few things like play basketball and soccer, I was a member of the school band (I played clarinet!) and I attended all spirit activities and dances. I didn’t directly insert myself into school activities, and chose to have a part time job after school and spend what spare time I had with my friends.

This week’s question asks:

“Have you ever performed in front of an audience? What did you do?”

Immediately a few things come to mind, since they’re the only few things I did. I played the evil witch in a grade four performance of Hansel and Gretel. I was a doll in the Nutcracker. I sang in a chorus for Alice in Wonderland. I played clarinet for our school band. These are the few things I can remember doing.

My biggest success was in front of my grade eight class, a group of 25 or so students. A requirement for our school curriculum was that every student had to perform a speech in front of the classroom. The top few speeches were given the option to compete in front of the school, and then the winners of the school speeches could move onto the town and so on.

I remember my speech very well because it was something I was super interested in. I was always fairly passionate about history, and while searching for a suitable topic for school I came across the story of the Black Donnellys.

The Black Donnellys were a family who lived in southern Ontario in the 1880s who originated from Ireland. The gist of it is that they were a rowdy family who frequently undermined and broke the law, so a group of so called peace keepers went and “took care of them.” It ended up being one of the most brutal massacres southern Ontario had ever seen. All the members of the family were tormented or murdered, and their attackers did not pay for their crimes.

I remember how morbid the topic was, but my classmates were intrigued and I actually had their attention. I spent a lot of time researching them, and I was proud of my topic.

It’s been a while since I’ve performed in front of a group of people, but I wouldn’t rule it out again.

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