Controversial Views (Journalwithme#28)

This week’s Journal with Me question is a controversial one. It has to do with topics where you may have had a very strong opinion. I have always been an opinionated person, and I never really had a problem voicing that opinion. This week’s question asks:

“Have you ever changed your view on something? What was it and why did you change your mind?”

I grew up in a conservative household. I know a few of you are rolling your eyes, already knowing which direction this is going in. I also went to a Catholic high school, and they have very explicit opinions on all controversial topics. No sex before marriage. No gay marriage. No abortion. I think you get the idea. I had it engrained in me to obey all of these orders or I wouldn’t get into the kingdom of heaven. Fear always seems to go hand in hand with religion.

I didn’t think gay people should be married. I thought a partnership was appropriate. I was always taught that marriage was between a man and a woman and I was always taught that there was no other way. Now, after leaving high school and moving out of my parents home, I have a more open view on gay marriage. People who identify as LGBTQ should have the right to be married, the same right heterosexual people have. It doesn’t directly affect me, nor should it affect me. Love is love. People should be allowed to get married no matter their orientation. Marriage is a commitment before witnesses, a vow to remain together. I’ve learned how prejudiced my views were, and now I embrace anyone I meet regardless of their sexual orientation because they will love who they want to love. And love is beautiful.

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