Stop Light Craft

My daughter’s new favourite thing is to point out everything she sees when we drive. She gets excited when she sees the churches (Elsa’s ice palace), and the old stone houses, and the various small businesses in our town. She recently began noticing signs and symbols, and I thought it would be fun to introduce her to their proper names. The girl knows symbols very well – she can identify a common business by their sign from a mile away!

I began with the idea for the stoplight Craft by using her curiosity as my inspiration. All you will need is (depending on whether you prefer to paint or not):

  • Yellow or black paper, cut into a traffic light symbol (I just went with a standard rectangle)
  • Scissors
  • A cup to trace circles
  • A pencil
  • Paint brush or glue
  • Paint in yellow, green and red colours or red, yellow and green construction paper
  • Black marker (optional)

Trace your cup to form circles on the paper (or use it to trace circles on the colour paper).

Add the different colours of paint into the different circles, and explain the symbolism of each colour. Have your child identify the colours. Alternatively, have your child glue the coloured circles in order and identify their symbolism and colour.

When the paint dries, draw around the circles to make them pop. That’s it. A super simple craft.

Check out my traffic unit for more ideas (coming soon).

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