My Dream Vacation (Journalwithme#27)

The corona virus has ruined any idea of a vacation for a while. It’s a bit depressing writing this post and talking about the zero chance of heading out on a vacation any time soon. Mind you, having two young children also puts a damper on any vacation plans because who wants to travel when your children are still that young? It would be a pain to bring them, but I would be riddled with anxiety leaving them. Lose lose!

Anyway, let’s talk about two weeks ago’s question (I know I know I’m bad). The question asks: “What is your dream vacation destination?”

If I were to pose this question to my husband, my parents or even my brothers, their answers would all be similar. It would be somewhere south, somewhere warm, somewhere with a very accessible bar. My answer is completely different. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I’m very interested in genealogy. A large portion of my family comes from Scotland, Ireland and Wales. A smaller portion also comes from England, which would be amazing just from a historical perspective.

I would love to experience the land that my family would have lived on, sights they would have seen with their own eyes, and travel down roads they may have traveled down. I’d love to visit historically significant landmarks, like Stonehenge, as well as the graves of my long deceased ancestors. Morbid, yes, but if you have any interest in genealogy at all it’s also wicked cool.

Where would your dream vacation be? Let me know below.

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