Blender Life Hack

I google searched for a solution to a problem I had in regards to my blender and I couldn’t find a solution anywhere. I thought I may as well share it so hopefully the key words will help someone else in the same position.

I use my blender to make baby food for my eight month old son. His recent love has been peaches, so I created an apple and peach purée for him and didn’t get to clean the blender right away. Big mistake.

The Problem

The blender blade and plastic component the blade rests in was sealed to the glass portion of the blender. I couldn’t twist it off, my husband couldn’t twist it off and no amount of strength or force would budge it.


I googled a possible solution and found a lot of suggestions. Here is what DIDN’T work:

  • Blending soap and water to loosen debris
  • Pouring vinegar into the blender and letting it sit to loosen debris
  • An elastic band between the seal of the glass portion and blades

Here’s what worked.

Pour a cup of BOILING hot water into the blender and let it sit for ten minutes. Pour it out. Unscrew the bottom. Voila, like magic. I was dumbfounded. It had taken me three days to figure that out and I’m so thankful I know!

A bit of a useless post for my usual blog crowd but I felt the need to post this in case someone else was suffering from the same problem! Thanks for reading.

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