Thank You Guys

These last few months have been really hard. The last eight months specifically. They tested every ounce of strength I had as a mother, as a wife and as a person. I had to figure out how to cope with this new all consuming challenge of mine, and I have so much respect for every mom out there because I know I’m not alone.

I recently uploaded a blog about whether or not it was beneficial for me to continue my blog. I was torn for a bunch of reasons (read here to discover why) and I ultimately was feeling down. A bunch of you commented, emailed me, tweeted at me and privately messaged me on Instagram with such kind and encouraging messages.

Because of my readers, I feel the motivation to continue writing. Because of my followers on social media, I feel excited to share little snippets of my personal life. Because of caring people like you, I’ve rediscovered my passion for writing. I always wanted to be a writer. Being able to communicate with the world through writing is not only fun for me but it’s also therapeutic. It’s such an amazing feeling. I’m so grateful to every single one of you so thank you! THANK YOU!


A very tired but very grateful mama.

You guys rock.

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