Comforting Culinary Favourites (Journalwithme #26)

This week’s question focuses on the topic of cuisine, specifically foods and meals that remind you of the comforts of home. I can think of a few things right off of the top of my head that remind me of my childhood and then a handful of others that bring up good memories from the life my husband and I have started together.

The question asks: “what is a meal that reminds you of home? What makes it so special?”

To answer this I’m going to start with my childhood meals. My mother is Colombian, and as such I was exposed to a few typical Colombian meals as a child. There’s a handful of Spanish foods that will forever remind me of home and they’re arepas (corn flour tortillas grilled with butter and salt), empanadas and buñelos (deep fried cheese batter balls). I swear not all Colombian food is unhealthy. My mom made the arepas and the buñelos as breakfast foods and the empanadas would be a supper meal.

Besides those Colombian staples, my family loves to barbecue. I have two younger brothers, and trust me when I say this: teenage boys eat a lot. A lot. A LOT. My family needed to find a cheaper way to feed the three of us and so we had a lot of sausages, baked potatoes and salad. Even my husband who has been around my family since 2008 associates that meal with my parents house. It was tasty and brings back good memories.

What were staples in your household? Let me know below.

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