Decisions, Decisions

Hey guys.

My renewal for my website is due. That means I have a $25 domain fee and then the cost of hosting for the year. Not going to lie, I’m a bit intimidated at the pricing. I know over the span of a year, the monthly breakdown really isn’t that awful, but all in one blow is tough to swallow.

My traffic for this blog varies. Somedays I receive a lot of hits, from WordPress followers or from outside sources like Pinterest or instagram. Other days I receive barely any. Is it discouraging? Yes. Am I using this website to generate income? No. It is my outlet to share what I know and to hopefully inspire or help someone else. It’s a gathering place to talk about all the things I love.

That being said, my time spent on providing content for this blog is dwindling. I have two extremely busy children who take up the majority of my time, and I find it hard to balance my blog with the remainder of the things happening in my life. On the other hand, this blog gives me a release, as well as providing me with a community to connect with. I’d love to get back into regular blogging, but it’s so hard so balance everything.

This post isn’t meant for whining to you guys, but more of a request for advice. Should I zero in on a specific topic to keep this blog going? Only content pertaining to motherhood? Or do you like the variety of the genealogy posts, recipes and tips for home daycare? Let me know below please!

I love doing this, I really do. I feel like I will miss this if I decide to stop. I feel like I’ll be sad if I let my domain name become available and someone snatches it up. But can I justify the amount of time I spend on it versus the price I’d have to pay? I don’t know. I’m going to evaluate my options in the coming weeks and make a decision from there. Until next time!

6 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Leslie Cartwright

    You look tired in your photo Mama. I enjoy reading your posts! 🙂 I have a home daycare now and always working on finding new activities for the kids. Especially outside activities. I enjoy reading family-stuff posts too. Don’t let the blog become an unnecessary stress though! As an option, you could switch to a free website (but then carry their name.. ie Or just take a break from it altogether and focus on you! ❤

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