Changing my Life (Journalwithme#24)

I’m a dreamer. I’ve always been a dreamer. I envision the things that are possible in my life and I try to set my path to meet them. Granted it’s a lot harder than it looks the majority of the time and it can be discouraging, but I just remind myself that anything is possible.

This weeks question asks, “if you could change one major component of your life what would you change?”

There are a few major components of my life. They’re mostly centered around my family. I view the major components as being family, marriage, career, and personal growth. I’m currently a stay at home mom which is HARD. A lot of people credit this with being an easy job or a vacation but I assure you that it’s far from. My day is spent chasing around two little hellions whose demands are sky high and the pay is zilch (unless you count ample amounts of booger’s and poo). I would love to change my career prospects and re enter the work force as a professional, and evaluate my life a bit differently from this new perspective.

The problem with this is that it would also alter my kids lives. My daughter has only known being at home with me, and she doesn’t do well with change. My son has only ever been at home with me but he is an infant and infants are very resilient. I shouldn’t allow the two of them to stop me but they do. I can’t be a good mom to them while focusing on my career. I applaud moms who are able to make this work. I’m sure it’s so rewarding and so difficult at the same time.

Once I do re enter the work force, I want a change of career. There’s a reason why ECE’s burn out much quicker than other careers and I have two additional triggers waiting for me at home if this were the case. My internal dilemma is that I love working with kids so how can I leave them? Decisions decisions.

When did you decide to go back to work? What made you choose this path? Let me know below!


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