All About my Husband

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought it would fun to do a little tag! Let me know below if you’d like more of these in the future!

1) What is his name?

Hunter. He shares his name with the newest generation.

2) What is he doing right now?

He is out to breakfast with his dad. They go for the A&W breakfast about once every two months just to have bonding time. It’s very sweet.

3) How many tattoos does he have?

None, yet. He keeps mentioning getting one but he’s not 100% on what he wants. He’s toying with the idea of getting a family tree style one on his forearm.

4) How many piercings does he have?


5) Name something he hates?

People who use him. He’s an eye for an eye guy, and willing to help out if you do the same in return. Screw him over and he won’t forget it.

6) What’s his favorite music?

Rap, country and sometimes rap country. Yes, there is such a thing. Yes, it is horrible.

7) What is something he collects?

Hot wheels. He has a ton in their original packaging in boxes in our basement. He also collects signs and they’re displayed all over his workshop in the basement.

8) What is his favorite color?

Every time I ask him this question he says a different one. I’m going to say red or dark green because it’s Christmas time.

9) What is his favorite cologne?

He doesn’t wear cologne. He prefers body spray.

10) Nickname for you?


11) What is his favorite sport ?

He doesn’t watch sports very often. When he did watch sports, it was always racing. He likes NASCAR and rally racing.

12) What could he spend all day doing?

Tending to our property. He’s always out there trimming a hedge, tinkering with something, mowing the lawn, tending to his gardens or having a bonfire. He loves being outdoors.

13) Who is his favorite person?

Hmm. I’m hoping me!

14) What’s his favorite food?

Steak, roast beef, fried chicken… he’s a meat eater.

15) What position does he sleep-in?

On his side but he always ends up on his back.

16) What is his drink?

It varies. He likes club soda, whiskey and ginger, vodka and OJ, tequila or straight beer.

This was a fun little tag to do. If you want to see more tags, leave a comment and like this post. Thanks for reading!

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