Stormy Nights (Journalwithme#23)

As I look out my window right now, I see heavy snow flakes falling toward the ground. They spiral, almost as if dancing with one another on their long descent. They land so softly, so beautifully upon the ground. The white fluffy snow decorates the landscape and hides any imperfection. Then the cars drive over it, unaware of its slipperiness and the havoc it can cause. Accident after accident, collision after collision this beautiful white snow causes. Then you have to shovel it. You have to salt the ground so you don’t slip and fall. You have to dress in 100 layers in order to stay warm. Safe to say that winter is not my favourite season.

This week’s questions asks “what is your favourite weather?”

Easy. I’m a writer (at least I pretend to be while being a full time mom with no known identity at the moment). I find inspiration in the atmosphere around me. The most inspiring weather for me is hands down stormy nights. I love listening to the rain pound on my rooftop, the howling wind outside, the thundering rumble that comes after a violent flash of light… it’s absolutely magical. It’s such a strong force of nature, and it’s so beautiful to watch. I absolutely love storms. I know a lot of people aren’t the biggest fans of storms, especially if they have lived through a traumatic one. I may be humming a different tune if I experienced one to that degree as well.

If I’m not in a writing mood, hands down my favourite weather is a warm bug free summer evening, 25 degrees Celsius and sunshine. Similar to anyone else I would think. What’s your favourite weather? Comment below!

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