Wild Thing (Journalwithme#21)

I am one of the most boring people you will ever meet. Everything about me is exceedingly normal, and I haven’t done a whole lot in my life that people would classify as “wild” or “crazy.” I’m conservative, very much refined and set in my ways. My “wild years” were more filled with lessons of self discovery, and I spent most of my time evaluating who I’d become through journaling and conversation with my partner.

This week’s question asks, “what’s the most wild thing you’ve ever done?”

I’ll be honest, I had to think about this for a while and everything I came up with was pretty tame in comparison to what others had done. There are a few things that I’ve done that people would peg as typical teenage behavior – I drove when I was 15 on public roads, I snuck out of my parents house to see my friends in the late evening and I drove all over the place with my own car when I was 17, sometimes more than an hour away with my friends.

A lot of what I did was still responsible in a sense. I remember borrowing my parent’s mini van to go clubbing in the city. The reason I borrowed the van was so that I could be the designated driver and bring everyone home. No arguments from anyone else and I had no problem being the sober one. I moved into a university residence during the second half of my first year of university to be on my own, and I ended up learning a lot about myself there. Still no excessive partying or bad decisions.

I guess my truly wild moments are still up and coming. Maybe I’ll do something crazy on one of my upcoming trips I have planned for my retirement. Stay tuned for that update!

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