Life Update.

Some of my more loyal readers may have recently noticed a decline in blog posts, as well as my presence on social media. The month of January has been filled with illness after illness, birthday party planning, family drama and just overall reorganizing my life.

Some of you are aware that my daughter turned three this month, and I devoted an entire day towards preparing for her party. I made homemade salsa, baked macaroni and cheese, spinach dip, chocolate covered strawberries and dipped pretzels. I ordered a cake, decorated the house with happy birthday banners and miscellaneous “Frozen” themed items. My husband and I spent an entire night building the Melissa and Doug Fresh Mart grocery store, and that was a testament to the strength of our marriage.

On top of that, I have been trying to decide what activity to enroll my daughter into now that she is three. There is a local gymnastics place that offers classes for three and four year olds, so I figured I may try and test the waters. I took my daughter to a drop in session and she LOVED it. The next enrollment session for the actually classes is in the spring so I think we will enroll her then. She continuously asks to go to “the trampoline place” so I take it as a good sign that an actual class may work in her favor. I’m trying to socialize her more with kids her own age.

On that similar topic, I’m also looking to enroll her in a nursery school program a couple days a week. I’d like for her to have some exposure to other children her own age without me being there. I want her to learn conflict resolution skills, problem solving and develop her social skills. There are so many pros to her being in “school.”

My son has also given me a run for my money this month. He had croup near the middle of the month and that was awful. He had a terrible cough, congestion and was downright miserable. We spent many nights awake together because he would only settle if he was being held. After a visit to the doctor and a steroid to open up his airway, he was finally on the mend. It’s sad watching your children when they’re sick, but it’s even worse when they’re little babies.

Besides the croup my son got (and the regular cold the rest of us had), we also battled norovirus just before Christmas. It swooped into our home with a vengeance, starting with my three year old and taking victim after victim. Our entire house, with the exception of the baby, my in laws and my own parents all battled the nasty bug. This one knocked us down for about a week.

I also received my DNA results from Ancestry. I haven’t had a ton of time to go through every match and message my matches, but I’m hoping to get there sooner rather than later. It’s one of my passions, along with reading, photography and writing. All of which I miss very much.

Motherhood is such a tough balancing act. When you finally think you’ve figured it out, life throws another curveball at you and you’re back to square one. I’m hoping things resolve soon and we can get back to more of a “normal” schedule. Thank you to everyone for being so understanding! I hope you all had wonderful beginnings to this new year, and cheers to more great things to come!

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