My Experience with Halotherapy

The winter time is the worst time of the year for colds and flus. Since Christmas, we’ve been battling a series of annoying coughs, sniffles, fevers and worse. We went through a raging battle with norovirus thanks to a totally out of character spur of the moment trip to a McDonald’s play place (never again), and now we’ve been battling the most annoying cold in the world.

We are all congested with dry, barky coughs, runny noses and squeaky voices. My daughter’s cough sounded particularly barky, and I’m hoping that it’s not turning into croup because that warrants a trip to our family doctor.

A little while ago, a generous daycare family gave me a gift card to this local place that offers something called halotherapy. Halotherapy is an all natural drug free salt therapy, where a person breathes in micro grains of salt. It promotes better sleep, respiratory function, and other overall wellness. My local one offers a children’s room, and I figured that since we were all sick, why not give a whirl before heading to the doctor?

When we arrived, we filled out some paperwork and were given some fabric slippers to place over top our socks. The rooms were kept around 70 degrees, so we were okay to be in there with just our regular clothes. We were not allowed to bring in electronics or drinks. My daughter really wanted her Frozen cup in there but she was happy to receive it back afterward.

The children’s room was filled with a two to three inch layer of Himalayan pink salt on the floor. It housed a ton of activities ranging from a play kitchen to a slide, books, puzzles, sand toys and more. My daughter loved spending the entire 45 minute session playing with all the toys, and it distracted her from the salt particles that were being dispersed all around us. My infant son didn’t seem bothered, and just enjoyed feeling the salt in his hand.

After the experience was over, we headed home with clearer throats, but more congestion. The salt therapy was to help expel the virus from our body which meant an increase in the mucus and other body defenses to help remove the virus. We ate our lunch, and settled in for some naps.

Although my daughter really enjoyed the experience, I’m not sure I would go back. It seemed like I could accomplish the same results by being exposed to cold fresh air outside, without being trapped in a room for 45 minutes. It is worth a shot though, especially since it has been proven to help treat numerous conditions.

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