Why It’s Tough Being 30 (Journalwithme#19)

Okay, maybe it’s not so tough. Age is just a number right? I remember watching the movie 13 Going on 30 with Jennifer Garner when I was younger and thinking thirty was so old. Now that I’m here, thirty really is the new twenty. I remember thinking my twenties were going to be the best years of my life, that I’d have everything together and what I didn’t have together would fall into place.


My twenties were filled with overwhelming amounts of change and a lot of uncertainty. Your twenties are reserved for discovering yourself and what your passions and goals are. It took a lot of flip flopping and planning before I came even close to what I want. Some days, I look back at my decision making and wonder if the greener grass was the better choice. I was engaged, got married, bought a house, adopted a dog, had two kids, graduated from college and had a career. That’s a whole lot of change in a decade.

My thirties are more definitive. The problem is, if I did want to go ahead and alter some of my life decisions, I now have to make sure it’s feasible considering the multiple anchors I now have strapped to me. A question that keeps resurfacing is what I’ll do career wise once my kids are in school. I worked as an early childhood educator prior to having my own children but I feel like I’d prefer to have a quieter more adult friendly environment. In order to have a career that pays a bit better in a different field, I need to have schooling. Going back to school in your thirties probably won’t be the easiest thing. I know people have done it, but I’m sure it was tough.

I’m looking forward to more “adult ” things happening in my thirties – dinner parties that are more meals rather than Jagger bombs, birthday parties for my kids friends where we can laugh with other adults or even just playing board games and hanging out with my brothers while my kids play with their cousins. I take it back. Maybe my thirties won’t be so bad after all.

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