A New Years Resolution (Journalwithme#19)

New Years is a time for reinvention. That’s why New Years resolutions exist. It’s a time to change your life, the start of a brand new year, and for some reason it makes us feel more accountable. Most people want to work on saving their money, eating healthier, reducing debt or beginning a new workout regime.

This week’s question relates to this.

What is a skill you wish you had? Are you willing to work to achieve it?

I don’t necessarily think that I have to try because of the New Years silent accountability clause, but this is a skill that I sincerely wish I had. I wish I was able to sew. In addition to all the practical reasons for it (repairing clothing, fixing zippers, installing buttons), I would love to create blankets and personalized clothing for my kids.

Another skill that I want to work on is continuing to work on my French and Spanish language fluency. I was fluent in French for a while due to French immersion throughout my formal schooling, but I lost it once I left school. My mother’s side of the family is Colombian and fluent in Spanish. I’m just slightly embarrassed that I’m not able to speak it, only read and understand it.

These are a couple skills that I wish I had. What skills do you wish you had? Let me know below!

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