Library (Journalwithme#16)

This weeks journal with me focuses on BB your use of your public library. Do you use it? Are you aware of the programs and services it offers? My local library has a plentiful amount of resources and relative information about an assortment of topics in my community.

The primary reason I USED to use it was for its most intended purpose: reading. I would leave with a stack of, I kid you not, ten plus books that would last me two weeks. Now I can’t tell you the last time I read a practical book cover to cover. It’s depressing. Libraries offer both physical books as well as ebooks you can download to your phone, tablet or ereader.

The main reason I use it now is for access to children’s programming. They have a program with stories, songs, felt stories and crafts offered twice a week. It’s great for children up to age 6. They also have access to free museum passes, art gallery passes and passes to the aquarium. It’s a great budget friendly resource!

I’m curious to try one of their evening adult programs one night. They have board game night, Book clubs, writing clubs and so much more.

It also offers information on local genealogical topics (and the archives are across the parking lot, score!), has access to the library version of Ancestry and houses multiple reference books and books about local topics by local authors. This keeps my family history bug in check. I’m always researching.

I wish my local library had more resources to offer in regards to genealogy, but I make due with what they have. Not every library will be able to provide access to digitized newspapers or an endless supply of photography. I recommend you check out your local library and see what it has to offer.

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