Hairstyle (Journalwithme#15)

I never understood girls who walked into a salon and came out with nearly the same hair but were $200 poorer. I also never understood the girls who had the bravery to walk into a salon and drastically change their hairstyle. My best friend was like this. She loved changing up her look with different colors, styles and lengths.

I am way more boring then that.

This weeks question asks about hairstyles. What is your hairstyle? Are you consistent or do you change it up?

This is me circa 2008. Long wavy hair, center part about halfway down my back.

This is me, circa 2018. Hair still patted down center, slight wave and halfway down back. Can you tell I’m brave and adventurous with my look?

I found a look that worked for me and I’ve stuck with it. It’s a classic look, and one that’s suited me forever. I never had any real desire to change it up, except after giving birth and my hair was coming out by the fistful.

What’s your signature look? Let me know below!

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