Pet Peeves (Journalwithme#12)

There are a long list of things that bother us each and every day. They range from the simple petty things to gigantic problems that threaten to take over our lives. Pet peeves are the little annoying things that bother us, but don’t have a significant impact on our lives.

This weeks question simply asks what three of our pet peeves are.

Firstly, I hate being interrupted. This is especially true if I’m trying to get a point across to someone and they’re bluntly arguing with me. If you listen to what I have to say, then it wouldn’t be such a long discussion. It’s as simple as that.

Secondly, inconsistency bothers me. This ranges from drivers who are unable to control their speed (doing 40 one minute and 60 the next) to having an unreliable person constantly bailing on plans at the very last minute. I thrive on routine and structure.

Thirdly, I can’t stand when someone *cough husband cough* lets the dog inside after being outdoors in the rain or snow, and doesn’t clean his feet. The end result is a muddy, sloppy, streaky mess all over the floors where my babies play. Not cool.

What are your pet peeves? Are they as petty as mine? Let me know below.

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