Location, location, location! (Journalwithme#11)

There’s pros and cons to living anywhere. Certain areas are more appealing to people depending on their current phase of life, financial situation, relationship situation and so on. I know that for my personal situation (married with two children) I would need an extensive pros and cons lists to help form a concrete decision on where we live as a family.

This week’s question asks:

“If given the choice would you rather live in the mountains, near the water, in the forest or in the city?”

Like I said above, it would all depend on what’s happening in my life. I loved living in the city when I wasn’t married or had kids. It was great being able to go to movies, festivals or out to dinner at the drop of a hat. We could walk our dog along the parkway on the shores of the river and be home in time to lounge in our cramped apartment in pajamas before going to bed. Would I live there now? You couldn’t pay me to. Between all the noise, people and traffic, living in the city would drive me insane, especially with a family. I wouldn’t mind the suburbs though!

The mountains are absolutely beautiful. I’m envisioning romantic ski lifts and hot chocolate down in the lodge after a long day on the slopes. We could look up at the stars during a cold winter night and enjoy the serene darkness since there would be no light pollution. We could snuggle up near a warm fire and just talk about anything. It would be amazing to stand at the top of a mountain and look down at a colorful sea of trees during the autumn months. All these things sounds lovely, but then you find yourself negatively wandering over to the cons side of the page. Snow. More snow. Higher altitude, colder, crappier weather and horrible driving conditions. No thanks. I will stick to the romantic visits before heading back to reality.

The forest would be a dream for the single, struggling author I once thought I would be. The forest would provide a sense of calm. I would be among nature, and be at the midst of tons of inspiration. It also wouldn’t be a horrible place to raise a family if you don’t mind excessive amounts of bugs, animals, dirt and other germs that come from being close to nature. I love hearing the birds call one another while looking upon an endless row of leafy green branches. The forest would be a close second choice for me.

My first choice among the four option is definitely by the water. I love being near the water. I love hearing the waves ebb and flow. I love the smell of the water, its fresh, earthy smell is tantalizing. I don’t think I would live near a large body of water like a large lake or ocean, but I would definitely love to be near a river. There’s one in particular that I’m thinking of, and it would be so peaceful watching the cargo ships navigating up and down the channel.

I guess out of the four options, I would choose to live near the water. We tried living in the city when we were younger but it wouldn’t suit our family lifestyle now. We would be okay in the forest I think, but the mountains would be too treacherous weather wise. Where would you like to live? Leave your comments below!

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