How to Treat a Diaper Rash

It can happen so quickly. Your baby sleeps for five hours straight, which is amazing, but when he wakes his diaper is soaked. You go to change his wet diaper and notice he has a tiny bit of stool in his diaper. That tiny bit of stool ends up causing an annoying rash that seems to linger for weeks. Sound familiar?

Nip it in the bud ASAP!

Follow these tips to rid your baby of even the worst diaper rashes. It took a lot of trial and error to find what works for my baby, so it may take an equal amount of time to figure out what works for yours. Every child is different!

I am in no way a medical practitioner. Should you follow any of these tips it is at your own discretion. Please always consult a doctor.

Warm Bath

Give your baby a warm bath without soap. Gently let the child soak in the tub for under ten minutes to allow the water to soothe the rash. Moisturize the child’s skin afterward to keep it soft. Do not moisturize where the rash is. Make sure the area where the rash is completely clean.

Air Dry

The very best thing for helping a rash is to dry the skin and get rid of the moisture. A diaper traps moisture against the skin, so letting baby breathe oh natural will help clear it up quicker.

Simply place a baby naked from the waist down on a few layers of towels and blankets during play time. Air will help dry the moisture from the skin and allow for quicker healing of the rash.

Diaper Cream

It’s best to use a cream with a high quantity of zinc, the ingredient that is responsible for healing rashes. The very best creams are prescription and will require a trip to the doctor. For over the counter creams, I have found that Penaten medicated cream works, as well as Zincofax extra strength. Find a review of that specific cream here. Apply a generous amount each diaper change after the area has been cleaned and dried.

Use Wash Cloths

Wipes can irritate a rash even further, even the “natural” wipes and “water wipes.” Use a face cloth (separate use from ones for teething and cleaning face and hands!) with warm water to clean the soiled area. After each diaper change, dry the area and add cream.

Cornstarch vs Baby Powder

Some people swear by baby powder but I am too scared my baby will inhale it. Use cornstarch to help soak up any excess moisture on a baby’s bottom if necessary.


Some rashes are in preventable, like the one in my opening description. Add preventative agents before a child goes to sleep for the night. Baby Vaseline works well as a protective barrier for a baby’s skin against stool. I apply it at each diaper change to help keep an angry rash at bay. Soon the rash will disappear and your baby will be in the clear.

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