Type A or Type B? (Journalwithme#10)

I’m not sure of the origins of Type A and Type B. Type A refers to someone who is more uptight and rigid, someone who knows what they want, plans their schedule, organized to a fault. Type B generally refers to people who are more laid back, the “deal with it as it comes” type of people. This weeks Journal with Me question simply asks:

“Are you more Type A or Type B?”

I don’t believe everyone fits solely into one category. I believe most people lean more toward one personality type over the other. Personally my personality has changed over the years. I would’ve immediately said Type A five years ago. I had my entire life planned out. I tried to plan as much as I could with the controllable variables and I tried to predict the uncontrolled variables as well so if one were to derail me, I’d have a plan to deal with it.

Nowadays, especially now being a mother of two, I would say I lean a bit more to Type B. I have to. Toddlers and infants do not adhere to anyone’s schedule. I could plan and plan and plan and I still wouldn’t be able to see every obstacle that is thrown my way. My plan now is to not have a plan. I try to stick to a rough schedule each day. When we eat, naps, outings and so on but often times mood, illness and other factors will interfere with our plans. When you have infants and toddlers, you need to go with the flow sometimes for your own sanity.

I guess my overall point is I’m a bit of both. Maybe one day I will return back to my oh so neat Type A personality but for now Type B seems to suit our lifestyle needs.

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