Speaking with the Leaders of My Nation (Journalwithme#9)

This question is fitting considering the Canadian election has just passed. This weeks question asks:

“If you could have twenty minutes alone with the leaders of your country, what would you ask?”

Besides raising my concerns on various topics (indigenous issues, environmental concerns, deficit concerns, border concerns etc etc), I would want to know more personal details.

What is it like running for office? I can only imagine the amount of stress that comes with understanding policy, preparing speeches, engaging with various groups and events, photo ops, interviews and so on.

What do you do for downtime? I bet is isn’t watching themselves on tv.

What’s it like working on parliament hill and being the face of Canada?

How do you balance family time, personal time and work?

I’d love to chat with them about their ultimate goals and what they’d love to do if they had the ultimate power. It would be fun to try and get a sense of the true person rather than the facade that the campaign places on them.

That’s what I would do if I had twenty minutes alone with the leader of my country. You have to remember that they are people too, and despite all their corrupt decisions or backwards thinking, they have to answer to others as well and they don’t have sole power to rule.

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