Sippy Cup Rankings

I’ve tried a few different sippy cups. Just a few. My bin is OVERFLOWING with the different amounts of sippy cups I’ve tried. My daughter was always very fussy and particular about the kind of cup she used, and it took a few different suggestions to finally discover her preferences.

All of these products I have purchased WITHOUT assistance/gifts from companies. All opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

That being said, onto the rankings!

The Best

Let’s start near the top. The thing that I discovered is that different sippy cups benefited my daughter at different ages. Also what worked for her may not work for my son and vice versa.

My all time favourite is the Munchkin 360. In my opinion, these cups are the easiest to keep clean, they don’t leak, they’re stylish and on top of all that, they help the child to learn how to sip rather than suck. Alternatively one of my least favourite cups is also by the Munchkin brand. Read more about that one below.

Another favourite of mine are the basic plastic cups called Take and Toss. They’re meant to be easily replaceable cups but honestly I’ve had mine close to two years now and they’ve held up! We primarily use them for milk, and they’ve been beloved by not only my daughter but the daycare children as well. I also love the price tag so if you do leave one in the grocery cart by accident it’s okay.

There are a few cons with this cup though. If you drop it, it will likely explode and the contents will go everywhere. It depends on the angle of the drop, how high and how full the cup is. They aren’t leak proof so if it’s resting on its side on the couch, you will have milk stains.

Another favourite for me are the Playtex Sipsters. They come in three stages which are subject to your child’s developmental stage. The step one cup was actually my daughters first cup. It came with handles so that she could easily lift the cup to her mouth, it had a soft spout to encourage her to suck the water out and it was incredibly easy to clean (dishwasher safe!). I also have a stage three cup now and it has beloved Paw Patrol characters on it. These cups are leak proof, shock proof and easy to maneuver.

There are a few cons however. Once your baby discovers they can chew the soft spout, you need to move to the next stage otherwise they will chew right through it. My daughter also loved putting her fingers into the top of the spout and ripping the rubber to bits. That created a choking hazard and the spout had to be tossed. Sometimes in the step three cup, the stopper will be pulled up by so much suction that the cup will stop the water from flowing all together. This may also be because my daughter is getting too old for this cup, I am not sure. She calls it her “night time cup” and takes it to bed so I’m not in a hurry to pry it from her yet.

The Worst

These sippy cups are ones that have the right idea but they were executed so poorly. I was severely disappointed by these cups and even more so by the companies I contacted.

The Nuby Clik-It cups were a hit with my daycare children. They also feature the soft spout that the Playtex stage one cups have. The cup itself is durable, easy to hold and pretty much spill proof. They’re also relatively cheap. The biggest con I had with this cup is that the spout was really hard to clean. I sent it through the dishwasher multiple times and it didn’t help nearly as much as some of the other ones. I found food was getting trapped in there and it would be musty and discolored, so eventually I had to toss it. It has a much shorter lifespan than some of the other cups which leads to more waste.

Munchkin Click Lock Flexi Straw Cup was a huge disappointment to me. My daughter admired another daycare child who had it, and so eventually I bought one for her. The cup uses a straw that is weighed down by a tiny weight in the cup. It will move the base of the straw wherever there is liquid which lets the child consume all of it. It’s lightweight and cute.

It is SO HARD TO CLEAN. It comes with a tiny brush that you’re supposed to clean the top of the straw and this teeny tiny straw line with but it’s nearly impossible. I found black mold inside this cup several times and even running it through the dishwasher (against manufacturer advice) did not properly clean this cup. Unfortunately I had to toss it and it wasn’t very old when I did.

I’m finding that a lot with the straw cups. Another cup that I found difficult to clean (but thankfully the dishwasher took care of it) was the Thermos Vacuum Insulator Funtainer. It was, of course, Paw Patrol themed so we had to get it. The bottle bragged about the length of time it kept liquids hot and cold, it had an easy to clean straw and easy to pop lid for a toddler. I also figured since it was Thermos brand that it would be reliable.


We’re coming back from a long car trip and my daughter requests more water. She hands the cup to my mother in law in the front seat and we realized that she had completely chewed the straw off. This cup wasn’t even three weeks old and that’s how easily it was damaged. I wrote to the company, and Thermos did send replacement straws.

Another complaint I had was in the tiny hole in the top of the straw, where the air pressure was relieved, I was able to take a toothpick and pull out black mold. Ever since then I throw the entire mouthpiece into the utensil holder in my dishwasher to make sure it’s completely sanitized. Bacteria gets trapped very easily in this hole.

And yet ANOTHER complaint I have is that this cup is NOT leakproof. My daughter (bless her heart) was trying to help me pack up before leaving the house and tossed her water cup into my bag. It was upside down, and it soaked everything.

This cup is marketed for children three and older but I thought I would give it a chance with my 2.5 year old. Lesson learned.

As she matures and is now using more open cups, my son is going to be entering the sippy cup stage in several months. Who knows what sorts of fun discoveries we will make and what new products will be on the market by then. It’ll be fun to see his preferences in comparison to hers.

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