School Subjects (Journalwithme#8)

When I entered high school I spent hours browsing the course catalogue. I wanted to make sure that I signed up for all the classes that would ensure I would be able to pursue post secondary education in a specific field. I read and reread the descriptions, looked up the teachers who taught the courses and planned out which electives I’d like. High school was much different than elementary school. Elementary school sets the foundation and teaches the basics. They enroll you in every subject to make sure you’re prepared for the future.

This week’s question asks:

“Which school subject do you feel is the most important?”

Honestly, it varies. It all depends on what the student wants to do in the future. In elementary school, I believe the most important subject is a cross between math and social studies. Math because it challenges you to problem solve, work your way through a series of logical steps to reach a conclusion and the end is always gratifying because there’s a concrete answer. Social studies is important because it helps students understand how the world works. It introduces government, finance, community and so much more.

In high school, I believe the classes that benefit students the most, besides the chosen ones for post secondary prerequisites, are civics, home economics and accounting. Too many people these days have NO idea how to budget, do taxes or set up a business. They can’t cook for themselves, iron a shirt or thread a needle. These classes should be combined into a course called life and it should be mandatory.

What classes do you find most important for the youth of today? Let me know below!

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