Daily Routine of a Home Daycare Mom

Like every other working mom out there, I established a concrete routine to make my home daycare business run smoothly. The children thrive with a structured routine, and it allows them to anticipate what will be happening next. This reduces anxiety and gives them the stability that regulates their behavior.

Our days flow nearly the same on a daily basis. Obviously here are a few changes here and there when the weather doesn’t cooperate or if we have a special activity that we are doing. The kids love everything that we do, and I’m excited to share what my daily routine looks like with all of you!

7:30 am: Wake up time. This is the time that I use to unwind before my busy day begins. Technically my daycare opens at this time, but I get my first child around 8 so I’m grateful that I’m able to sleep in!

8:00 am: Usually my daughter is up around this time. I go into her room and get her ready, and go out to the living room to begin preparing the space for the day while I wait for my first daycare child to arrive.

8:30 am: Two of the three daycare children I watch are usually here by this time, so I serve morning snack.

9:00 am: The final daycare child arrives by this time and we begin a bathroom routine. The toddlers use the potty and I do diaper changes for the younger children. We also do a sunscreen routine at this time too, as it is summer time where I live and the UV is unreal.

9:30 am: Outdoor Play! The children either get to go on a walk down to a local farm to see the corn or they have free reign in my large yard with a variety of toys. This morning we played in the bird seed sensory bin.

10:45 am: We begin to get ready to go inside. We tidy up the toys and head inside.

11:00 am: Quiet Play while I prepare lunch. The children play quietly with toys upstairs or read books.

11:30 am: Lunch time! The children sit as a group for lunch around this time. We chat about the meals, the activities they did outside or anything else they have on their minds.

12:00 pm: Lunch clean up. The children prepare for bed time as I quickly clean up from lunch. They resume playing with the upstairs toys or reading books.

12:15 pm: Bathroom routine. Diaper changes and potty time.

12:30 pm: Nap time routine. We sit together and do a quick circle with a few songs and a story to settle before a nap. The younger children are placed in their cribs or play pens, and the toddlers cozy up on their cots. I monitor the younger two from a video monitor and sit with the toddlers in a dark room while they drift off to sleep.

2:00 pm: I usually have one awake by now, and we read stories, do a worksheet or play with small fine motor toys while we wait for the others to wake up.

3:00 pm: Afternoon snack is served! The children all gather at the table and enjoy a snack together.

3:30 pm: Art or sensory activity. I do a quick tidy up from snack and we do an art or sensory activity while they are still seated.

3:45 pm: Bathroom routine and diapers once again.

4:00 pm: Getting ready for Outdoor Play in the yard while we wait for pick up from parents.

5:00 pm: Head inside with the remaining child and they play quietly with toys while I prepare dinner for my family.

5:30 pm: The daycare closes and I await my husband to return from work.

6:00 pm: Dinner is served by now. We sit as a family and enjoy the meal together. I tidy as soon as we are finished, and my daughter spends some time with her father.

6:30 pm: Bath time for my daughter. She usually puts up a fight around this time but it’s necessary so she’s clean and relaxed.

7:00 pm: Bed time routine for my daughter. We brush her teeth, her hair, change her into her pajamas, read some books and then I nurse her to sleep.

7:30 pm: Laundry, dishes, cleaning up and spraying the toys from the daycare day.

8:00 pm: Finally get to relax for the evening. I usually work on this blog, programming for work or if I’m very tired, reading a book or surfing the internet.

9:15 pm: A hot shower to get the daycare germs off of me from the day.

10:00 pm: Bedtime for me! I get ready, set my alarm and wait for my husband to come to bed.

11:00 pm: Daughter usually wakes up whenever my husband comes to bed. I nurse her, put her back to sleep and then drift off to sleep myself. Nighty night!

This post was written prior to the birth of my son. My routine now has obviously changed and I am no longer currently running a home daycare.

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