Top Ten Baby Products (and why I love them!)

An old friend of mine recently found out she’s having her first baby. She told me she’s been asking her friends who are moms to recommend baby products to her which inspired me to create this post. I have created a list of registry must haves (found here) but this post will focus on specific products I’ve enjoyed (or ones that have saved my sanity). Leave a comment down below telling me what products worked for you!

Jolly Jumper “Babysitter Cushion” (Nursing Pillow)

This pillow is incredible. It’s not only a great support for baby while breastfeeding, but it also provides security and stability during tummy time and when baby is learning to sit up. I’ve used this pillow to hold baby while napping at Thanksgiving dinner if they were fussing. I’ve used this pillow as a support while baby practiced sitting up at the library circle. I’ve used this pillow to provide head support and allow baby to practice lifting their head to ease tummy time.

The only negative thing I can say about this pillow is that I wish it had a removable cover. The pillow itself gets spit up on, places on the floor, tossed in the car and more. It’s a spot clean only pillow, which is irritating but doable. There are plenty of adorable designs to choose from for this amazing invention.

Skip Hop Sound Machine

I loved this product so much I bought a second one for my son. I could rave about Skip Hop products all day. In addition to them being SO FREAKING ADORABLE, their quality is top notch. The sound machine is no exception. It comes in two different animal models: the owl and an elephant. The owl is the classic sound machine that everyone immediately thinks of when referring to the Skip Hop product.

It has four different modes on a timer to decide how long you want the noise on (one is infinite). It allows you to choose between four different songs or four different sounds including heart beat, night sky, ocean waves and bird songs. The tummy of the animal lights up and provides a soothing gentle nightlight. It has an option to project a starry sky onto the ceiling.

I’ve dropped this product off of the top of my daughters dresser onto hardwood floor and it’s survived multiple times. We are going on three years with the original owl. Highly recommend.

Jolly Jumper

My daughter loved bouncing from the moment she was strapped into the bouncer. It must feel like freedom or something because they don’t feel restricted while wearing the device. The idea is to suspend the Jolly Jumper from a door frame and let the baby strengthen their legs while bouncing up and down. They LOVE IT. The Jolly Jumper keeps them contained while allowing them to exercise and gain muscle mass which is crucial to their development.

Skip Hop Activity Center

This center has so many fun activities for baby while allowing them to practice their stability, balance and coordination. There are an ample amount of fine motor activities to explore including a bead maze, peekaboo owl and piano.

The activity center transitions into three stages. The first stage is where baby is able to sit inside of the activity center and explore the different toys while practicing their stability. The second stage is that it turns into an activity table for the baby to play with the toys outside of being confined in the chair. The third stage is that it turns into a play table for toddlers. It’s also super easy to clean and wipe down takes no time at all.

Halo Swaddle & Grobag

Marketed as a safe alternative for loose blankets, sleep sacks are growing in popularity. Honestly when I first saw these I figured they were a bit of a gimmick but honestly they are SO SMART. Your child is kept warm all night, and there is no fear for the parent of the child accidentally covering their face with a loose blanket.

I prefer the Halo Swaddle when the babies are younger and like the swaddle feel. I find that the wings provide the best protection against the newborn startle reflex, and they are the most comfortable. I also like their regular sleep sacks for summer temperatures and warmer weather. They offer both cotton and fleece, as well as a thicker quilted material and even velour. I’ve personally only tried the fleece and the cotton so I will testify to those.

When the babies are older I prefer the brand Grobag. I particularly like their winter Grobags because they offer just the right amount of warmth for my home during the Canadian winters. They’re offered in 0.5 to 3.5 TOG which covers warm summer temperatures all the way to freezing winter temperatures. I use a 2.5 TOG one in my home in the winter when our home is set to 65 degrees.

Snugli Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are an essential newborn item if you want use of your hands. Even the neediest of babies will sleep in one at some point (mine loves riding in his while I vacuum). They’re handy to throw under the stroller so you’re not that mom carrying baby in the shopping mall, and personally I have one in my home and one that stays in my car. They’re also great for walks in trails where a stroller would be a nuisance, or anywhere crowded like a festival or carnival.

The carrier is designed to keep baby upright while providing them with ample head support and mom back support. My son is a happy spitter upper, and this carrier helps keep his stomach contents where they belong (for the most part).

Canopy Cover

A car seat cover is important to have. You don’t want to be stuck in a rain storm or snow storm and trying to shield baby from the water with your own coat. Having a cover for the infant car seat ensures your baby is warm and dry even if you’re not. I purchased mine from Car Seat canopy and it’s been extremely handy multiple times.

It was $16 Canadian for shipping but the canopy itself was technically free.

Step Two Wagon

As soon as my daughter was able to hold herself upright steadily, we purchased the Step Two Wagon. This wagon has come in handy SO MANY TIMES. It is perfect for heading down those dirt roads that you just don’t want to take the stroller down. My daughter loves climbing in and out of it by opening the door which helps build her independence.

The wagon itself is easy to pull for the adults. It has two seats, storage under one of the seats, seatbelts and cupholders for those dreaded but necessary sippy cups. I’ve used this wagon to pull my daughter around, the daycare children and even tossed the dog in there in a pinch as well when he grew tired one day walking. It’s a lifesaver, especially with a second child to contain.

Moses Basket and Jolly Jumper Stand

I swear I’m not a representative for the Jolly Jumper company (although I will partner with you if you give me the chance!). I found a bassinet (made by Graco) and the stand on a swap/sell site on Facebook. My daughter was a terrible sleeper and I was desperate to change that this time around. I didn’t want to waste money on fancy products because NOTHING worked with my daughter except cosleeping.

My son loves his bassinet. I love that I can separate the two. I can pick up the bassinet and carry it around the house so he is wherever I am. I can rock the stand at night if he’s fussy, and he will be soothed to sleep. I can bring the bassinet and stand outside and he is elevated off of the ground. The stand itself is made of wood, and super easy to clean. This bassinet and stand combo is amazing. It’s portable which is important especially when chasing after a toddler, but it’s also super easy to clean and store.

Safety 1st Booster Seat

I love this seat. It comes with a removable cover for when baby is little to provide them with comfort, straps to keep them upright, a tray for when they’re little and height adjusters so you’re able to bring it to different tables.

My daughter began using it on top of our dining room table so she was able to see my husband and I while we ate. She gradually moved down into a chair, still with the tray when she grew a bit older. Now she sits at the table, no tray, and she is able to climb into it herself.

I love how easy it is to clean, how portable it is and how easy it is to install anywhere you go.

There you have it. My top ten baby products that have saved my behind. Which ones have you tried? Let me know below. Thanks for reading!

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