A Gigantic Fear of Mine (Journalwithme#6)

There are plenty of terrifying things in this world to be rationally afraid of. I’m talking about murderers, stalkers, animal attacks, drowning – you get the gist of it.

This week’s question talks about irrational fears. I’m talking about the ones where someone may roll their eyes at you when you tell them what your fears are. Honestly.

“What is something that irrationally scares you?”

I have two different irrational fears that came to mind right away.


This includes inoculations against preventable illnesses, blood tests, finger pricks and even TB tests. I HATE needles. I loathe them. I hate the idea of something sticking something into my body even though I know it’s in my best interest. I’m pretty sure my fear stems from my years of medical issues (click here to read about my VSD!).

My reaction to needles? I cry. I cry like a toddler when they’re told they can’t have any more cake at a birthday party. It’s an involuntary reaction that occurs as soon as I step into the office and usually send the nurse into a panic. It sucks. Pregnancy was rough when it came to all those needles (IVs are the worst).

My other fear is something that can be interpreted in two ways.

Dead People.

I’m not talking about death. Death itself is a natural process. It’s the one guarantee about life. Everyone and everything that is alive will eventually die. I’m not really afraid of death itself, even though that would be a rational fear. My only issue with it is that I would leave my kids behind and that scares me.

My fear is dead people. The ones laying in the caskets. The ones who have been mummified for thousands of years on display in a museum. I’m not picky on how long the person has been gone. I am scared of them and it’s an irrational fear. The casket holds someone who was loved, and their family is standing around them.

I think part of my fear stems from my obsession with horror movies as a teenager. The other part is because of that obsession, and the fact that I’ve never lost anyone close to me that I don’t understand the connection between loved one and dead body on a personal level yet. I’ve been to wakes and I’ve seen them, but I always walk on the opposite side of whoever I’m with so they are closer to the casket. I go for their family, the people that are in pain, the ones who were left behind.

There you have it. My irrational fears. What are you irrationally scared of? Let me know below.

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