Free Obituary Lookups

Recently I wrote a post about the amount of information an individual could receive off of an obituary. In addition to important dates of the deceased individual, you’re also receiving names of locations, family names, hints as to their religion and a sense of who they were.

While on the hunt to crack my own family mystery, I joined groups following an extensive search myself that yielded no results. I discovered them through the social media app Facebook. They were a large group of people with access to different databases across the country who were willing to help others searching in their local district. How generous!

To discover these groups, you just need to search a few different key words: state/province/county/country name, obituary, genealogy, history and other similar words in order to pull up results. There are two main obituary groups that I discovered (as of September 2019). I will link them here:

*American obituary lookup by State

* Canadian obituary lookup

Feel free to join the groups to search out your family obituaries, or to volunteer your services if you are able. All is appreciated!


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