Creating a Worthwhile Autumn Staycation

Life has become increasingly difficult with the addition of a newborn. Our schedules have shifted to accommodate his long list of needs, and we have needed to alter how we entertain my toddler as well. We’ve been forced to look into local activities to do as a family, and we’ve been pleasantly surprised at what we’ve discovered.

My daughter’s current interests are varied. She loves the typical toddler things like Paw Patrol, playing outdoors and her kitchen set, but she also loves any sort of transportation related event. This past weekend my husband and I located two events that happened locally and decided to take her. One of them was a magical themed train ride (Harry Potter themed! Okay maybe that’s what drew me to it). The other was a leisurely cruise around some local islands. My daughter LOVES riding this little train near our home, so we decided to try these two events. They did not disappoint.

Our area is known for having a lot of small events centered around our downtown core. By keeping an eye on Facebook events and by reading our archaic newspaper, we are able to keep track of what is happening in the area and plan accordingly. We have special themed events that happen in conjunction with our public library or local businesses, and they always do a great job at providing a fun event for the children.

Seek out what is happening in your community. Are there any local farms, animal rescues or petting zoos nearby? They can be a great and inexpensive way to spend the day outdoors. How about a dock, splash pad or playground near the water to explore some aquatic life?

Fall is quickly descending upon us which means outdoor adventures to apple orchards, pumpkin patches and Halloween attractions. Many of these do not cost anything to explore, just the fee for the produce that you purchase. The Halloween attractions may cost money but often times if you go during the day, the rate is often cheaper and it’s geared towards families rather than it being spooky.

Take advantage of sweater weather because soon the winter will be arriving which means more time spent indoors due to the cold weather. Best to try and get all the outside play in while you can!


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