The Perfect Tea Party (Journalwithme#4)

I am not a big tea drinker, unless you count the endless cups of pretend “chocolate tea” from the singing teapot my daughter continuously pours. I’ve only been to one high tea event, and I felt like I didn’t belong. It was classy, with little cucumber finger sandwiches and tiny desserts served on fancy china. I suppose it just isn’t my thing. However these questions are supposed to challenge you and force you to think creatively, so that is what I’ll do!

That behind said, this week’s question asks:

” Describe your perfect tea party. Who would you invite, what would you serve and what topics would you discuss?”

I wouldn’t serve tea. I detest tea. I would serve a nice steaming pot of coffee. Instead of flavors of tea, I’d offer creamer flavors: hazelnut, chocolate and butter pecan to name a few. I’d include plain cream and milk as well for those who prefer it that way.

As for food, I’d forgo the traditional finger sandwiches and sub in tastier but less classy sandwiches. I’m thinking peanut butter and jam, turkey, cheese sandwiches and others in the same spectrum. Something that everyone loves and won’t try to subtly pull apart the pieces of bread to determine the filling.

I’d invite my closest friends and family, people I legitimately enjoy spending my time with. I may invite a few notables to talk about my favorite things with, like JK Rowling for example. I love to read, I love to write and I love her books. It would be awesome to pick her brain for an afternoon. I aspire to write a charming series like she did, and talking to her about how she made her dream a reality may help inspire mine as well. I’d also invite Matt Damon, my husband’s favourite actor AND 10th cousin. We could chat about the Bourne series, and about Wheelock family history which is how they’re connected. Let’s throw another fun one in shall we? How about Seth Rogan? And Jonah Hill? Seth would provide some raunchy humor to break the delicate ice of the event. Jonah would be his hilarious side kick with the one liners to make us laugh and laugh. I’ve always wanted to meet that guy.

My tea party sounds pretty awesome. Who would you invite to yours? Let me know below!

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