Monster. (Journalwithme#3)

When people think about monsters, they tend to think about some of the most foul creatures to walk the earth. I’m talking about Dracula, the boogeyman, Big Foot and so on. Some monsters are more evil, more conniving. They prey on your emotions, fill your mind with irrational thoughts and ridiculous fears. They feed on your weaknesses and thrive on your faults.

This week’s question asks,

“Describe a monster.”

Here we go.

This monster lurks in the darkest of shadows. It resides in the places that your mind typically wouldn’t think to look. It’s shape shifting, and often disguises its appearance to throw the victim off. It will prey on your emotions and befriend you, only to stab you in the back at a moments notice. It makes you feel weak, tears down your confidence and replaces it with thoughts of despair and regret.

It allows you to feel the highest you’ve ever been, only to remind you of something tiny, almost trivial that sends you careening back down to earth at full speed. It keeps you awake at night and you can’t escape it because this monster doesn’t live under your bed or in your closet. It follows you around day or night and it doesn’t let you forget it’s there. It sits on your shoulders and whispers daunting thoughts into your head. It tears down your confidence, and makes you into your own worst enemy.

This monster takes on the form of the person it haunts. It mirrors their body language, their physical appearance and their personality. Don’t be fooled by this monster though, it can turn on you in a second and make you feel as if you’ve sunk down to the lowest of the low. This monster eats away at your life – it sucks you into a pit of despair that is almost impossible to pull yourself out of alone.

How to defeat this monster?

Make others aware of its presence. They know that the person affected by this monster isn’t you. It’s the demons brought on by the monster. Talk it out! Don’t settle for eternal loneliness. Be around people. Engage with an unbiased third party. Make sure you’re able to beat this monster at its own game. Make it so the monster has a hard time looking at themselves. Be strong.

This monster can easily affect anyone and sometimes the thoughts it whispers are sinister or horrific. Don’t listen. Don’t be tempted. Talk to someone. There’s always someone to listen.

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