Surviving the First Month

Hey guys. I’m not going to lie, I am currently writing this post on my iPhone, in my bed, in the dark while my six week old son sleeps in the bassinet next to me. He’s stirring quite a bit, and I’m anticipating him waking up for a feed soon. It’s 10:26 pm right now, and I am SO READY for bed.

I needed to jot out some thoughts about the first month post bringing home the new addition. The first time around, it was a major adjustment for me. I sacrificed my sleep, my sanity and struggled to find a happy medium for my daughter and I to live together peacefully. This time around, I was a little more prepared because I’d been there before, but no one tells you that you forget half the knowledge you acquired the first time around. I think I was so sleep deprived with my daughter that I coasted through and didn’t have to store all of the struggles I went through that first month. I felt like with my son, I had to relearn some of it all over again.

Thankfully he’s a lot more laid back than my daughter was as a newborn. He’s more content, enjoys going with the flow and although he has his moments, he’s definitely an easier newborn than my daughter was. What I anticipated (and sadly she lives up to it) was that my daughter was going to be a bit of a struggle as a toddler. I find myself continuing to battle with her in addition to figuring out my son. Oy. She’s in a phase where she’s testing all my boundaries (and patience!) so it’s been an additional challenge trying to help her understand all the changes our family has gone through.

The first month with my son flew by and I barely remember any of it. Thankfully I’ve been keeping up with my journaling for each of my children, so I can look back on the craziness later on and relive it when I have to drag them out of bed to catch the school bus in a few years. I am still sleep deprived and somehow managing to do all of this without anyone being hurt (I’m sure my daily coffee helps). Human bodies must adapt to this knowing they’re responsible for a little life because I know that my husband would be dead on his feet if we switched positions right now.

My son is up every two to three hours at night for half an hour at a time by the time we feed, burp, change and settle. My daughter thankfully is sleeping through the night in her big girl bed and I don’t have to worry about her because I have a monitor to keep an eye on her. I just take it hour by hour, day by day. I am so lucky to have support from my mother and mother in law. They have both been a massive help, especially with my daughter.

Some things have slid around here housework wise. I’m trying to find my groove to get back into it, but my baby is not a fan of the swing and cleaning a bathroom while he’s in a carrier is a no go. I have been able to keep up with the floors and laundry though! Oh and dishes of course. Speaking of the kitchen, my husband has been in there quite a bit. He isn’t the biggest fan of cooking but he has stepped up so much these last few weeks and taken care of most suppers while I tend to the little guy. Again if he cooperates, I do it but otherwise the responsibility relies on him. I feel bad some days because he’s just so tired from work but when he sees that I’m struggling with the baby he just moves on.

My daughter is so grown up now that I’ve had my son. I saw her as this baby who constantly needed me right up until I delivered my son but now she’s proving to me just how mature and grown up she’s becoming. She recently hit a growth spurt and is in 3T clothing which is insanity to me. I love watching her learn and hearing all of her stories that she tells me.

All in all, I’m alive. I’m surviving. I’m trying to find that balance for the newborn and the toddler that pleases everyone, and I want to figure out more activities to please her while keeping him happy. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

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